„Liberator“ of Nikolajevka admits indiscriminate murder of civilians

The daily fascism in Southeast Ukraine


International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict...

The Maidan veteran Oleg Dub joined the Ukromaidan military forces in Donbass on July 1st and 4 days later he wrote this post on Facebook after being shocked by how his fellow Donbass Battalion fighters were ”shooting everything that moved” and killed an unarmed civilian while ‘liberating’ Nikolajevka already after Novorossiya self-defense had left the city. He got beaten and detained for telling the truth, but was set free today, after his story created a scandal on Facebook.

Oleg’s original post can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=722948771096789&id=100001450182883

«I was walking on the left flank behind the first BTR (armored personnel carrier) and I was the second one after our leading commander going towards Nikolajevka, and I saw for myself, to the very last details, this ‘glorious’ liberation! It would be better if Nikolajevka wasn’t liberated like this! The lousy commanders had scared and winded up…

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