google + manual

All speak about google + … and so do I …

Yes, I’m one of the happy, who was invited at an early time – just little more than one week after the launch.

I was on g+ before

No, I will not repeat here, what you can read everywhere, but I would like to give you a link to the

„google + manual“,


google + manual

where you learn at the best to use google + effectively. It is written by google + users and is updated regularly. So it is worth to come back often to read about the further development.

There was told already a lot about the high power of google +, what also for me is reason enough to stay there, beside of the adventure of the „New“ and „Exciting“. On google + it is possible to spread my message in very different ways, what I can choose: I can share anything with just one person by selecting one specific person in my circles. I can share my message or post to one (or more) specific circles or to all and even my extended circles (the contacts of my contacts) and I can share it completely publicly as well. This may show you the impact you may have with your post or even blog, because on google + there is no limit on the number of characters in your post, you can add pictures and links or include links within your posts.

When the business profiles will be available on google +, as promised as early and at this year, the possibility to be able to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, invoices, offers and so on through the circles as discribed above, becomes even more important than it is already now. This could mean that some entrepreneurs may move completely to google + and use it as their virtual office, where they get in touch and conversation with their customers and suppliers.

Google + dealing with copyrights is clear:

google + copyrights

Also google + dealing with privacy is examplary and google takes it very serious.

Nevertheless it is needed to declare that it is not enough on google + to take care on whom you add to your circles, but also on who adds you to their circles: You will be shown on the profile of people, who put you on their circles and you will be able to read, what they posted, although you have to go explecitly to read what is shared with you from out of your circles.

Now may happen the following: A spamming – even sex spamming – profile adds you to their profile to be able to spread their dirty message. Now you are visible to any of your contacts and to any person, who visits their profile in- and outside of google + as „being in their cirlces“. Your own contacts will see you as „People in common“. This may give people, who are not very carefully in choosing their connections the, last impulse to put such a profile in their circles. This may implement the imagination that you would tolerate or even support such behavior in the net. For this reason it is not enough just to ignore them. For not being visible on such profiles you have to block them and because of the danger of such profiles on a social media site like google + they have to be reported immediately.

It’s like always: What is thought to help people to get in touch with each other, a few people use to get their dirty and sad contents spread in the internet. It is up to us – the user – to be carefully and not to give them any chance.

google + has a big future and I’m already curious about what may bring their further development. I look forward to meeting you there.


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